A Moroccan Wedding - photo essay.

The View from Fez was privileged to attend the wedding of Si Mohamed and Hakima. Tom Fakler took the photographs.

The bride and groom were married a few months ago, but according to tradition, couldn't begin their life together until they'd celebrated properly with family and friends. The party took place at one of the wedding halls in the new city of Fez.

Si Mohamed with his sisters

Henna patterns on Hakima's hands

Si Mohamed ready for the ceremony

The bride and groom enter the hall - Hakima in a splendid silver dress and borne aloft on a silver wedding chair, and Si Mohamed on horseback

Guests are plied with a multitude of sweet cakes, mint tea and fruit juice ...

... and, of course, the wedding cake

Si Mohamed and Hakima start the dancing

There are several changes of costume for both ... blue

and lavender, in another wedding chair

a gold traditional wedding outfit

and green

and finally, a traditional western white dress

Everyone enjoys the party

The View from Fez wishes Si Mohamed and Hakima every happiness.