Making perfect Moroccan mint tea

Bronwen Edwards is an Australian currently spending a few days in Fez. She so enjoyed Moroccan mint tea and wanted to know more about how it is made. With the help of Samira from Riad Laaroussa, who writes the blog "A Moroccan Kitchen", she discovered the best way to get a glass of perfect mint tea was to make it herself.
First things first... find the right mint.

And the best way to test it is to crush some between your fingers and smell the aroma.

Bronwen gives the mint the "sniff test".

Making the tea.

For the basic traditional recipe, you require a metal tea pot that can be heated on a stove or simply a pot. Bring around a pint of water to the boil and add half a handful of green tea leaves (gunpowder tea is excellent)and several sugar lumps according to taste.

Bringing the green tea to the boil

Align CenterSamira helps Bronwen select the best mint leaves.

Bring the water to the boil again and then remove from the heat while you place a large sprig of mint (or a couple of cups of leaves) into the water. It may seem like a lot, but pack it in and bring to the boil again then remove from the heat and let set for a couple of minutes.

Let the mint tea rest.

Pour one tea glass full of tea and then return it to the pot. Repeat this a couple of times. Now the tea is ready. Pour each glass from high enough above the glass to cause the tea to foam a little.


Tip: Moroccan tea pot handles get very hot, so if you are in Fez, make sure you get a "Dave" - that's the little character pictured above on the pot-holder. For those who want to know why it is called a "Dave" - consult the TV series The League of Gentlemen... all will become clear ( er, maybe.) Daves cost about 20 dirhams

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